Rocket Stove 1.0

Working with metal has its advantages when it comes to side project tinkering.

The most recent occurrence arose from the desire to build an outdoor cook stove to improve upon the current outdoor dye space.

Our current space was built from cinder blocks and damaged fence posts.

It has a large surface area for multiple pots, but requires quite a bit of wood to keep the dye vats at 180 degrees.

The first time we fired it up, it blew smoke under the (poorly sealed) front door.

Thus began a conquest to design a better solution.


After several hours of research, a design was sketched and overall based off of the Rocket Stove shown in the diagram above.

The main pieces were comprised of a metal 30 gallon barrel and some scrap 16 gauge sheet metal.

Tacked together sheet metal: this piece will serve as the entry portal / burn chamber.

Cutting a hole in the barrel to allow for the entry portal.

Burn chamber complete with square tubing chimney; nestled inside the 30 gal barrel

Impromptu stand

Test fire

After the initial fire, a few improvements were made.

The chimney was widened to allow a more even heating surface for dye pots + rebar for pots to rest.

A “scoop” like device was created so that small fires could be started on its surface,┬áthen carefully transported to the burn chamber.

We look forward to conducting a few more trial runs if this rain will ever let up….

if all goes as planned we’ll fill the barrel with sand and get to dyeing.

* * * *

A few links regarding DIY Rocket Stove designs we found quite interesting: – Rocket Stove Roundup

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